Sunday, 8 June 2014

Stamping With The Barry M Summer Mattes

Greetings All!

Bit of a different post today. Last month when I was swatching the new Barry M Matte collection, my stampy sense started tingling. They're all fairly opaque polishes - would they stamp? I spent an afternoon investigating, so here are my 'test stamps'.

Malibu, stamped with CH38 over Butter London Billy No Mates.

Malibu stamps nicely! Opaque and bright. 8 or 9 out of 10! Also, shark nails = happiness.

Copa Cabana, stamped with CH36 over Nail Pop Milk (I used the Cheeky Summer plates for all of these stamping tests. It seemed fitting!).

Copa Cabana stamps fairly well. 7/10.

Rhossili, stamped with CH37 over Sally Hansen Tahitian Sunset.

Hmm, disappointing. I had high hopes for a gorgeous purple stamper, but it's a bit washed out. 4/10.

Cancun, stamped with CH50 over Barry M Gelly in Sugar Apple.

Like Rhossili, this is very opaque as a polish, but pretty washed out when stamped. I do like the colour of this though. 5/10.

Miami, also stamped with CH50, over Barry M Gelly in Rose Hip.

I do already have several pink polishes that stamp (I have a lot of pink polishes!). This is fairly average. 6/10.

Finally, Waikiki. I did assume that this would not stamp. It isn't nearly as opaque as the rest. However, as I was testing them all, I tried it. Stamped with CH38 over Barry M Gelly in Damson.

Considering my base is bright blue, this actually stamps quite well. I was wrong on this one! 7/10.

I do love a good stamping test! It's a great way to try out polishes, stamps and colour combinations. I'll class at least three of these as polishes that will stamp. I really need to write them all down...


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