Thursday, 26 June 2014

UK Indies - Freckles Polish Happy Hour Holos Part II

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Greetings All!

Yesterday I showed you two of the new Holiday Destination polishes Freckles Polish are releasing this Friday (tomorrow!). Today I have two polishes from the second part of the Happy Hours Holos collection, which will also be released on Friday. The first collection were absolutely stunning, so I was very excited to learn there would be another collection, especially when I found out there was going to be a black holo

I think, if pressed, most people have a favourite colour base for holos. However most seem to have a colour that has a bit more variety. Purple, for example, can run from lilac to deepest, darkest violet, with countless shades in between. My favourite is black, and as you don't really get a variety of blacks, I spend my time looking for the perfect black holo. One that is stunningly holographic and linear, and yet still impossibly black. I don't think it actually exists because of the nature of holographic pigment, but that doesn't stop me trying!

Black Russian is my tenth linear black holo (plus I have countless black scattered holos), so let's see if this can do the impossible. This is two coats solo, and all pictures are taken indoors in artificial light. My camera is notoriously terrible at capturing holos, so although I'm so pleased with how it behaved here, these pictures still aren't really doing justice to these polishes. 

It's pretty close. It's about as close as I've got to the perfect black holo. That sounds kind of half-hearted, doesn't it? It's a beautiful polish, with a gorgeous linear rainbow running through. The formula is great - I can usually tell a good formula by how much cleanup I have to do afterwards, and this was bare minimum. It's a lot nicer than many of my collection, and that includes some pretty big names, so it's saying something!

Next is Bloody Mary, a juicy pink. I initially thought this was very similar to Raspberry Daiquiri from the first collection, but it's lighter, brighter, and less...raspberry. Again, two coats in artificial light.

This is like a bright Barbie pink, it's almost neon-bright, but without the garishness. It looks like it should be bubblegum scented! Very, very pretty, although my camera didn't seem to like it at all. Because of the pink base, it is a little difficult to capture the blue/green end of the holo - it sits much more comfortably in the orange region. I really like it though - it's girly, but with a little bit of edge.

The Happy Hour Holos Part II and Holiday Destination Collections are both released this Friday (27th) over on Etsy. You can also keep up to date with news and swatches via FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

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