Saturday, 14 June 2014

OPI You're So Vain-illa

Greetings All!

So the OPI Coca Cola collection has officially landed. Two iconic brands brought together, and of course as a fan of both (Diet Cokehead right here!), I've been quite excited. I was a little disappointed with a few of the shades (I wanted something super exciting for Diet Coke, not a plain silver foil!), but I still managed to find four I liked.

I love OPI nudes, so I had to have You're So Vain-illa. It's a delicious, creamy vanilla shade that's almost perfect in one coat.

Now for some themed nail art!

I used plate GA32, and wow, are those images tiny?! It barely fit on my nails, which are rather short at the moment. My thumb would have needed triple, or possibly quadruple stamping! When I think about using my old, harder stamper and these plates...I don't know how I managed. It seems almost primitive, compared to my XL images and squishy stamper. Stamping is about 100 times easier now!

It was such a failure on my thumb, I gave up and just painted it red. I'm still quite happy with the finished manicure though. I think it looks very cute!

What are your top picks from this collection?


  1. I love the colours I love coca cola normal. I love the little bottle images

  2. I love it. Where did u get the larger images and stamper from.

  3. Where did u get the larger images and stamper from?

    1. My stamper is from eBay (search XL squishy stamper), it's a cheap one from China but it works brilliantly.

      For large plate images, MoYou London XL plates are fantastic. The new PUEEN Buffet set is also very good.


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