Thursday, 17 April 2014

Dance Legend Candy Flakes - Bite Tonight

Greetings All!

The Dance Legend fest continues! This is a rather late post for me, but I've just got in from work and I'm not back in until Wednesday - talk about a long weekend! I'm gonna swatch sooo much polish...

I actually bought this polish a couple of months ago - I'm being sensible, and building up my collection slowly, instead of buying them all at once (which is what I always want to do). This is 2 coats of Bite Tonight over black.

Now, this is pretty, but I still found myself a little disappointed. It's quite subtle for a flakie. I wonder if I would have got a better effect if I layered it over a dark red or brown, but I really wanted it to be red and black. I had this image of black polish with glowing red flakies (which is why I'm maybe a little disappointed - polish in my head is always beyond awesome!). It was also a nightmare to photograph, I'm hoping because of the subtlety and not my camera skills!

The flakies do stay fairly red, with hints of gold then green just at the far edges of the nail (you can see this better in the bottle shots). I'll wear it again, give it another chance. I didn't like BCL Poison Apple the first time I tried it, so my opinions can't be entirely trusted!

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