Friday, 18 April 2014

Dance Legend Termo Shine Swatches

Greetings All!

I've saved my favourites for last in my little series of Dance Legend posts. The Termo Shine polishes are thermals with glitter in. Who could have guessed I would like that?! I've collected all four over the last couple of months, which is nice because it's given me a chance to wear them all. However, it does mean that there's quite a lack of continuity of my nail length in this post! I should have reswatched them all together, but I just can't bear to take them off once I've got them on!

They're all lovely polishes. I used two coats for all these swatches, they're easy to apply and give good coverage. The dry time is the only downside. I did use thickish coats, but even given that, they took forever  to dry! A fast drying topcoat is definitely needed. It hasn't put me off at all, I just felt that I should mention it. If I had known beforehand, I wouldn't have managed to get polish on my lip (does anyone else do that to check how dry their polish is?)!

As you can imagine, this is quite a picture heavy post!

I'm doing them in numerical order, weirdly because that's the order I bought them in! It wasn't intentional. First up is 179, red to very pale pink with black glitter.

This one got me immediately hooked on Dance Legend, and certain that I need all the thermals. Just in it's cold state, I love it. The colour changing is like a bonus! I won't tell you how long I spent staring at my nails, and warming and cooling them. It's embarrassing!

180, black to light grey with silver glitter.

I will admit that of the four, this one is maybe slightly less exciting. It does have a nice, striking transition though, from black to barely-there grey jelly.

181, black to red with red and gold glitter.

This is so nearly perfect for me. The red is just a little bit pinky and sheer. I'm thinking next time I'll wear it over an opaque red, and then polish perfection will be achieved!

Finally 182, indigo purple to magenta pink, with silver glitter.

I did buy this one in order to 'complete the set', but I actually really like the colour change in it! It has that 'fairytale night sky' look to it.

All four of these have a gorgeous, striking, and very reactive thermal effect. They're right up there with my very favourites!

I bought all of these from Rainbow Connection. Unfortunately all but 179 are currently sold out!

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