Friday, 4 April 2014

Stamping With Orly Dazzle (And PUEEN)

Greetings All!

One of the things I like to think I do quite well at is spotting a polish that will stamp. As a keen stamper, I do like to have a variety of colours and finishes, and I enjoy the little challenge I hold inside my head when I spot a polish I think will stamp. Obviously, you can't always tell just by looking at the bottle, and I've had disappointments and pleasant surprises! One of my best finds was the 2true Metallica range, which I suspected would stamp like a dream, and they really, really do!

I spotted Orly Dazzle in TK Maxx, reduced to £3. Normally I would be cheeky and open the bottle, to get a better idea of the opacity, but it was taped up in a damaged bag. I still thought it would be worth a try. I do have Barry M Silver Foil, but Dazzle is a bit more sparkly.

A quick test at home confirmed that yes, it does stamp. I love it when I'm right!

OK, so it isn't the most opaque stamping polish ever. However I quite like the tarnished effect it gives, and it is just a bit more sparkly than my other silvers.

I've managed to tear myself away from PUEEN73! This is PUEEN59, and it's one of three manicures I've done using this plate. I've decided that I'm not obsessing, I'm just giving them a thorough test! They may be my favourite set of plates to date.

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