Monday, 14 April 2014

WAMM With UK Indies - Pretty Quirky

Greetings All!

Another new week, and another new Work Appropriate Manicure Monday! I'd like to be proud of myself for keeping up with this series, but as my nails are work appropriate probably most of the time, it isn't exactly hard! Plus I have a serious obsession with nude polish, and a large collection of it, so I always have plenty of choice and I don't get bored.

Today I have a lovely nude polish by Pretty Quirky. This is Back To Mine, 2 coats over Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Bandage.

I love the combination of nude with dark red - subtle and work appropriate, but still with a bit of edge.

You can buy Pretty Quirky polish here.


  1. This looks super on you Cazzy!

  2. Very nice, love this combo, as you say work appropriate with an edge

  3. Hi Cazzy. Is it okay if I link back to this on my website? Your pictures are so beautiful! xx


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