Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dance Legend - Termo Trio (And PMP Glitter!)

Greetings All!

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm grouping a few Dance Legend posts together. They're my latest crush, and thanks to Rainbow Connection they've been fairly easy to get hold of. Their thermals are among the best I've tried - very reactive and colourful.

Today I have a polish that changes through three colours, because sometimes two just aren't enough! I wore this for a couple of days, and because I'm me, I had to add a bit of glitter. She's Like The Wind from Pocket Money Polishes has similar colours in it, so I chose that.

These swatches are 2 coats of Termo Trio, and one coat of She's Like The Wind.

This was amazing to wear. It was literally constantly changing colour, every hint of hot or cold gave a different combination. Of course I was fascinated! My favourite trick was to drip hot or cold water on them, as it gave a tie dye effect. So much fun! It also dried to a lovely rubbery finish, which unfortunately did get lost with the glitter.

As my obsession with thermals has grown, I've tried various different brands. Dance Legend is probably the best - I kind of want them all! In fact I've already 'collected' all the glittery ones (little spoiler for what's ahead there!).

If you are in the UK, Rainbow Connection is your easiest way to grab a Dance Legend!

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  1. This has a really good colour shift, I like it :)


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