Monday, 7 April 2014

WAMM - Rosetips

Greetings All!

I've been making the effort to post my WAMMs in the order I've worn them (it just seems easier that way!), but today's manicure skipped the queue, as it's a bit special. Well, not really special, but I am very happy with it! These were my nails at work today.

I'm still on the PUEEN (plate 70), but I wasn't quite sure what to do with those pretty roses. I thought they might look good as tips, and I think I'm right! I was very pleased with myself over these nails, and I love that feeling of having my nails look just how I want them! Seems a shame that not one person noticed them all day, but I can't have it all!

The base is Barry M Gelly in Lychee, stamped with PUEEN70 and Boots No7 Beanie.


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