Monday, 27 October 2014

Bats Galore

Greetings All!

I'm doubling up on the Halloween nail art today in an effort to fit it all in before Friday, so you get two bat manicures for the price of one! Both manicures feature the same stamp, from MoYou Festive 15. This full nail, bat swarm stamp came just in time - my nails are currently too long for any of my other bat stamps, although with all the cold weather approaching I bet that soon they'll be short enough!

Here's manicure number one, bats over a purple gradient.

For the gradient I used Sally Hansen I Lilac You, Barry M Gelly in Prickly Pear, Color Club Pucci-licious and Beauty UK Jelly Bean. I added a coat of Butter London Frilly Knickers for some sparkle, then stamped with MoYou Festive 25 and Konad Black.

Manicure number 2, gold bats on a night sky.

The base is TarasTalons Dark Nights, two coats over black, again stamped with MoYou Festive 15, and Mentality Dapper.

I hereby promise - no more bat manicures this month!

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  1. That lilac gradient is perfection with the spooky bats!


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