Monday, 6 October 2014

Halloween Nail Art - Stitches

Greetings All!

Today's manicure is the first stamp/nail art idea that came to me when I received the first half of the MoYou Gothic collection. I was actually hoping that the second half would arrive today, but no such luck. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

This stamp would make a great base for patchwork nails, but I went in a slightly different direction with it.

I started with a base of OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons. This is my very favourite nude polish at the moment, and my current bottle is nearly finished. I've been trying to find a replacement bottle (cheap, of course!), and a friend reminded me I hadn't been on Fragrance Direct in a while. Where they had it for £3.99! So now I finally have a new bottle (and a backup!). I actually wore this plain for work with a Nails Inc matte topcoat, but after 24 hours you can see in the pictures my nails have quite a shine to them. I'm not very impressed.

I stamped with Konad Red and MoYou Gothic 04, then I went over the stitches with W7 Black. I left it without topcoat so they would look a little more 3D. Here it is before adding the black.



  1. I got this plate, haven't used it yet, I'm being too indecisive!

  2. Lovely, I didn't realise it was a plate until I read the whole post. Brilliant!


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