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UK Indies - TarasTalons Halloween Polish Swatch Spectacular!

Greetings All!

I've put all my remaining TarasTalons Halloween polishes into one big swatch post. Tara did really well with her Halloween collections this year, and there are some real gems in here! Plus you have still have enough time to grab some and have them on your nails in time for the 31st!

At the time of going to press, nearly all of these polishes are available from TarasTalons, including the Halloween themed box, individual polishes from that collection, and the Scream collection. Remember, you can use the code SpecialGirlNails to get 15% off your order!

Nine polishes in total means a picture heavy post, so I'm going to get straight on with it.

The first four polishes are from the Halloween themed box. This comes with four polishes, plus some Halloween treats, both nail and non-nail related.

First is probably my favourite of all these polishes, Zombie Blood. This is two coats.

A blood red jelly with green holographic glitter. Two easy coats built perfectly to give great depth and opacity, and this especially well behaved glitter only needed one coat of topcoat to get it completely smooth.  It really is absolutely beautiful!

Next is Tomb, two coats.

The first coat of this was very sheer, almost invisible! I panicked a little, because it has larger glitters in it and I didn't want to have to do three coats. Thankfully it built nearly perfectly on the second coat, leaving just a hint of vnl. It's a really nice crelly base, even better than OPI My Pointe Exactly (a particular favourite of mine for sandwiching!). In addition to the pink and purple glitters, there is also a fine holographic dust sprinkled in that is really pretty.

Witch, two coats.

I nearly only needed one coat of this! The base is a more opaque crelly than Tomb, and it has plenty of black glitter. Including huge black circles, yummy! I think it looks quite reptilian.

Black Magic, two coats over black.

Classic rainbow glitter in a black base. Very simple, but I really like this one because the glitter is all quite small, and it's also packed! Again, I only needed one coat of topcoat to get this perfectly smooth. It might be just me, but that's often unusual for glitter polishes so the lazy side of me was very happy! I also suspect that you don't really need undies for this polish, as the glitter is so dense.

Still with me? Good, because we aren't even halfway through yet! These next polishes are all from the Scream collection.

Be Right Back, one coat.

Yes, you read that correctly, this is just one coat! It has plenty of glitter in a pretty mix of greens, although the base is maybe just slightly too opaque. A second coat would cover up all the glitter from the first. You have to love the convenience of a one coat polish though!

You Gotta Have A Sequel, two coats.

This a very, very bright orange, even brighter than in these pictures. You also get a really nice 'flash' of shine and colour from the pink squares. This would be perfect for Halloween, maybe with a few pumpkins stamped on!

Bam! Bitch Went Down, two coats over Barry M Gelly in Rosehip.

I wasn't expecting this one to be so pretty! In the bottle it looks a bit like a bloody/pink frogspawny concoction, but on the nail it's actually really delicate and soft, which it's name doesn't really suggest!

Surprise Sydney, one coat over OPI In My Back Pocket.

Crazy amounts of square glitter - they were practically jumping out of the bottle onto my nails! This is just one coat!

Finally, Favourite Scary Movie, two coats over Sally Hansen Thinking Of Blue.

Two things struck me about this polish. Firstly, I barely needed undies. This is practically full coverage in two coats. Secondly, I am now blind. This is one of the blingiest, most sparkly polishes I've ever worn. It looked like my nails were jewellery. I love it! A surprise winner, but such a lovely polish on the nail!

We made it to the end! I had so much fun swatching these - Tara never disappoints with quality and variety. Zombie Blood, Tomb and Favourite Scary Movie are my favourites.

The Halloween collection polishes are all currently still available (although in limited quantities), both as a set and individually. Some of the Scream polishes swatched here have now sold out, but there are still quite a few still available (including a couple I managed to resist!). You can bu TarasTalons polish on Etsy, and don't forget to use the code SpecialGirlNails for 15% off! Just the excuse you need to treat yourself for Halloween!

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  1. These are so gorgeous! I especially like Witch and Be Right Back. Great swatches :)


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