Friday, 31 October 2014

My Happy Halloween Nail Art Extravaganza!!

Spooky Greetings All!

Happy Halloween!!

So, my excitement has led to me creating too many manicures. Strangely at the same time I feel like I didn't do enough!

Today I have my final four manicures to share with you. It's mostly down to poor planning. No, wait, I mean I totally meant to do it this way!

First up my actual Halloween manicure, on my nails right now. I've been buried alive!

I love how gross and gory these look! And the nude base (OPI Catch The Garter) looks so fleshy, it's brilliant! This is nearly an all OPI affair - the 'earth' is Suzi Loves Cowboys, with a little Collection 2000 Shadow on the very tips. The 'blood' is Got The Blues For Red and Visions Of Love. I cleaned up a bit, but I've deliberately left my cuticles messy. It would look very weird otherwise!

Next up, sugar spun cobwebs.

I've seen a few people use this technique for cobwebs, and it's a great idea! I'm not sure how 'webby' these look (I could have done with another spider to illustrate it better like I did with my pink ones!), but it is quite a striking look.

I couldn't have Halloween without a few pumpkins!

The polish is Candy Corn from The Nail Junkie, topped with some fun stickers I got from eBay a couple of years ago. They're pretty transparent, and they take a surprising amount of topcoat to smooth them down, but they're so cute I forgive them!

Finally a recreation of the graveyard nails I did a couple of weeks ago. I basically just wanted to wear them again!

I used the same polishes as last time, except I had to stamp with W7 Black instead of Konad. It stamps pretty well, but it's no Konad! I lost my bottle - not just misplaced, but up-and-left-me lost (spooky?). Thankfully a new bottle arrived today! The stamps are from MoYou Gothic 04 and Festive 15.

I'm a little bit gutted that I have to post 'normal' nails tomorrow! I've had a great October, and I hope you all have a great Halloween!

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  1. Your current nails are disgustingly epic! I like how you have done the spider web too, I can't seem to get the sugar spun thing working for me.


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