Friday, 17 October 2014

Skull Skittle

Greetings All!

I'm happy to say I now have a pretty decent selection of skull stamps. I do enjoy having skulls on my nails. My bat stamp collection is looking good too! Now I need Dragon stamps...

This particular skittle is all from MoYou plates. They're all I seem to use lately! They're very conveniently sized, both the image sizes and the plates themselves. I like to rifle through them like a deck of cards until I find what I want.

As Halloween is approaching, I decided to swap my usual W7 Black for this pumpkin themed polish. I bought these a couple of years ago, just because it was black polish with a pumpkin face on. This might be the first time I've used it!

The skulls are from MoYou - Biker 07 and 10, Roxy 01 and Gothic 05. I stamped with Mentality Dapper.

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