Monday, 20 October 2014

Pink Spiderwebs

Greetings All!

You can't really have Halloween (or October!) without spiders. However, I'm not the biggest fan of spiders. I'm not exactly terrified of them generally, but I don't like them near me, or worse, on me!

In an effort to make them a bit cuter, I've gone for some pink spiderwebs, with a couple of creepy crawlies hanging around.

It turns out pink spiderwebs don't really look that much like spiderwebs, hence the little spider stickers. I think if real spiders were glittery, I probably wouldn't mind them as much!

My base is one of my very favourite pinks, Revlon Cupid. I know it's not the most 'me' colour, but I just love it! I stamped with 2true Metallica in Aphrodite and MoYou Pro XL05. The nail stickers came from eBay. They did need two coats of topcoat, but I think they're kind of cute!

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