Wednesday, 15 October 2014

UK Indies - Dark Metal Lacquer Cuticle Oil Review (Plus Halloween Polishes)

*The cuticle oil pen was sent for review. I purchased the polishes myself*

Greetings All!

For the last two weeks I've been using this cuticle oil from Dark Metal Lacquer. I'm terrible at using handcare products - I have loads, but I can never seem to get in the routine of using them everyday. 3 or 4 times a week is about all I can manage!

I do have a couple of bottles of cuticle oil, but they tend to get lost in among my top and base coats. This one is in a pen, so I've found it much easier to keep it around where I can see it, so that I'll remember to use it! I've used it at least once a day for the last two weeks, and I can honestly say I've noticed a difference, especially as I've been polishing a lot lately. My cuticles aren't dry, or thick from all the acetone!

So here is the pen. The oil is grapefruit scented, and it smells really nice and really natural, like grapefruit zest. I also have a bottle of the coconut scented oil, which again smells like a real coconut rather than suntan lotion! They're also available in lemon, vanilla, rose and almond. The oil absorbs quickly, it doesn't leave your fingers too greasy, and I personally much prefer the pen brush to the polish brush you get in bottles.

Also worth noting, although this pen says you can buy it on Etsy, Dark Metal Lacquer has recently moved to Big Cartel!

Now for the scary bit - close ups shots of my nails! I normally avoid these, because after a manicure (and inevitably, cleanup), they tend to look a little dry and rough round the edges.

A hasty paint job - I did originally plan to have bare nails, but I just couldn't go through with it so I quickly popped on a coat of black! Also one of my nails from yesterday. Behold how inoffensive and unnoticeable my cuticles are! Sounds a little strange, but that is what you want!

I will definitely continue to use this pen, it's very easy and convenient and it leaves my cuticles soft and barely noticeable.

Now for the Halloween polishes! These are not part of the review, but I've decided to include them anyway to further tempt you!

Pumpkin Masharoo, two coats.

A fantastic pumpkin polish - the triangles are an inspired touch! On the first coat I worried it might be a little sheer, but it built perfectly on the second coat. This is probably the most 'Halloweeny' polish I've had this year, if that makes sense.

Choccy Orange, two coats.

A gorgeous chocolate brown base, filled with orange glitter. My only complaint is that it doesn't also smell like chocolate orange (I don't like the taste, but I love the smell of orange chocolate!). It did dry a little gritty and does need topcoat to get it properly smooth and sparkly, but it's beautiful. A perfect polish for Autumn.

Dark Metal Lacquer polishes and cuticle oils are available here

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