Wednesday, 22 October 2014

UK Indies - Dark Metal Lacquer Flashy Sparklies

Greetings All!

I'm taking a very quick break from my Halloween nails to show you a rather special polish. It was my birthday last week, and I decided to wear this. Full coverage, insanely sparkly gold holo glitter? Yes please!

It gets better. Dark Metal Lacquer polishes are currently on sale, so you can pick this beauty up for just £4.50!

I should also quickly mention that I have changed my nail shape. For once this didn't happen because of breaks. I've gone for claws this time! It's becoming quite a popular shape, and as I have a couple of weeks off work they're far less likely to break. I've admired this nail shape for a long time (UKNailRunner has my favourite nails, shown here wearing one of my lemmings!) and I must say, so far I'm loving them! It's been nearly two weeks since I filed them, and I go back to work on Sunday, so we'll see how long they last.

On to the pictures. This is three coats of Flashy Sparklies.

This polish is amazing. There is so much rainbow goodness going on, and what my pictures haven't captured is just how sparkly it is. There's a lot of movement and colour - it really is perfectly named.

Application was really good too. I imagine the removal would be a bit of a nightmare - recently I've been using Yellow Stopper (from the makers of Gelous) as a base for glitters because it allows you to 'pop' off the whole nail (of polish) very easily. Sometimes a little too easily - my middle finger had to be stuck back on before I took these pictures! It was like a bespoke fake nail. It's a terrible base coat if you want your polish to last more than 24 hours, but for glitters, it's really rather good. 8 out of 10 of my nails popped off in one piece!


  1. Love your new nail-shape - I've had mine like this for a few months now and I love how delicate they look. The only problem is that the ends get kind of blunt and you have to keep "re-pointing" them! I find they break less this way though.
    Onto that gold polish - stunning!! So shiny and sparkly, I love it - fab choice for your birthday - hope you had a good day x x

  2. Also I didn't know there was a sale on...I am putting my breaking my no-buy from indulging in it squarely on your shoulders Durcan! =p (I now have this beauty on the way ^_^)


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