Thursday, 5 September 2013

Asda Denim Effect Polish - This Time In Black!

Greetings All!

A few months ago I found a denim effect polish in Asda. It's turned out to be quite a popular post - I think we all enjoy the idea of sneaking in a polish with the groceries! When I found out they had brought out a black version, I knew I had to give it a try.

I still don't actually own anything denim, so it's a bit of a weird thing to want to put on my nails. I do love a suede finish though, and it is black, and pretty! This is 2 fast drying, easily applying coats.

It's soft and sparkly, and I imagine it would also look great with topcoat (why didn't I try that?!). Again it has a cute jeans themed bottle and lid. I don't think the effect is quite as good as with the blue though.

One thing worth mentioning - the bottle is quite short, and so is the wand. The lid is quite large so it was a little bit trickier to hold than a long, slim lid. That's pretty much my only complaint though.

You can buy this polish, and the blue one at Asda for £3 each.


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