Thursday, 12 September 2013

UK Indie Week - UK Indies All Week! Hairy Legs London

Greetings All!

Today I have a brand spanking new indie brand to share with you! The etsy shop opened on August 25th, so about three weeks ago. Of course I can't resist a new indie brand, so I bought three to try. I also received a prototype as a little gift! So I have four new lovelies to show you.

Tainted Love is probably my favourite. It was a bit of a nightmare trying to find the right base colour (I was going to go dark, but it has black glitter in!). It also has something I haven't seen before. It has flakies in, but they are hexes. The same as flakies - thin, transparent, they light up blue and purple, but they're hexes instead of flakes. Personally, I haven't seen that before and found it quite exciting! But I don't know what to call them. I'm sure someone here does though!

This is 2 coats over Revlon Royal.

Isn't it gorgeous? Flakie hex thingies, duochromatic shimmer, circles, holographic hearts...I'm very impressed! There's so much that lights up, I found myself tilting my nails just to see all the different glitters! Totally worth busting out a nail wheel to find a good base for it.

Next up is Newly Balanced #1, which is apparently based on some New Balance rainbow trainers. This is 2 coats over Models Own Blueberry Muffin.

I love how bright and busy this is! There are lots of circles in here, and just look at how tiny that bar glitter is! In the way that many baby things are cute, these make me dislike bar glitter a little less - look at them! They're like, micro bar glitter - cuteness!

Rainbow Troll is based on the (awful, in my opinion!) 80s toy. This is 2 coats over black.

This polish has a stunning iridescent sparkle, and I love those yellow dots popping over the black - it's like a full moon! We've seen so many neon glitters this year, but that magical sparkle sets this one apart for me.

Lastly is As If! which is a prototype, although personally I think it should definitely be released! This is 2 coats over white.

Again, this is another neon glitter that manages to be a bit different. Great colours together (those translucent yellows are a bit annoying, but that's me being fussy!) and again a good combination of shapes. I must say, the butterflies were a lovely surprise - I didn't know they were there until one popped onto my nail! I was a little worried my nails would look too hairy with all those bars, but I like the effect! I think these are even thinner than the 'feather effect' bars, and cuuute!

In conclusion, what great polishes! I'm always a bit unsure with new brands - I think it's fair enough if the first few polishes are like a learning curve. However these four are well thought out combinations of colour and shape, and they also have some exciting and unusual elements (flakie hexes, the colour shifting glitter like in Max Fator Fantasy Fire, and those teeny weeny bars!). They all applied well - a bit of dabbing with the larger glitters, but nothing frustrating. They're in quite a thick base, which makes them a bit less topcoat hungry! And they dried pleasingly quickly.

Long story short, get yourself over to Hairy Legs etsy shop pronto! Tainted Love is limited edition, so don't wait around! This is one brand I'll definitely be keeping an eye on!


  1. Ooo so pretty! I'd not heard of this brand. Thanks for sharing.... I'll even forgive you for dissing troll dolls :p. X

  2. Hehe I knew there would be troll fans out there!

    I'd recommend this brand - lovely stuff!


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