Thursday, 5 September 2013

Stamping With 2true Metallica - Areta

Greetings All!

I'm really loving this Metallica range for stamping. I've shown you AphroditeArtemis and Athena already. Last week I decided to buy two more (I think there are only five in the collection?), as I was fairly certain that they would rock!

Today is the turn of Areta, a bright greeny gold, almost lime green in some lights, and pale gold in others.

As you can see, it stamps perfectly! Bright, crisp and pigmented, and they all stamp wonderfully over darker colours, even black. The base for this is NYC Flat Iron Green, a very dark green, almost black in some lights. The stamp is GA37 and I really love how it all looks together - the base, the stamp, the colour. Hopefully you can't notice the bit near my cuticles, where I had to fill in a bit of the design! Gals plates are always the first to not fit my nails when I grow them, but I think I got away with it this time!

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