Thursday, 19 September 2013

Like A Rhinestone Peacock

Greetings All!

Today I have something a little bit different. Well, not hugely different, but a little bit unusual for me. This is one of those manicures that just sort of evolved by itself.

I started with Barry M Red Black, one of my untrieds. I seem to have quite a few blackened reds, but I like them! They combine both my favourites, black and red. I then searched for an image to stamp on it, and settled on the peacock image from Pueen09, and stamped with 2true Metallica in Areta. I though it would be fun to have peacock nails, but in un-peacock colours, if that makes sense. It was still missing something, so for the first time in a long time I decided to break out the rhinestones!

I added a small one to each finger as a little detail on the feather, but it still wasn't enough. I added one big one as an accent, and called it a day. I'm not really one for rhinestones - I'm a picker, so they never last long!  I'm also 50/50 on whether they look cute or tacky. I guess it depends on the manicure! I have however recently bought some fabulous 3D nail art bits from TarasTalons, because she doesn't just do nail polish! She also sells all kinds of nail art bits., and I got myself a fantastic selection - roses, bows, gold and silver foil, as well as little 3D food items that are so darn cute! I do want to use them soon, and rhinestones seem like a good way to ease myself into 3D nail art.

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