Monday, 23 September 2013

The Crumpet's Nail Tarts 33 Day Challenge! Day 1 - Dots

Greetings All!

Are you ready for a new challenge? Am I? I do enjoy a challenge - it forces me to do nail art I wouldn't usually do! This one is running three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next 11 weeks. It isn't too late to join in, you can do so here.

Here's a look at all the themes!

I appreciate the effort of making the graphic match my blog lol.

So there are definitely some themes I wouldn't choose to do on my own, but I kind of like that I have to try different things. There are also a lot of themes I would choose to do!

In an extra added twist, I am going to try and use at least one untried polish (or failing that, an untried stamp) for every manicure. This may prove a little difficult, but I'll give it a go! My untried pile is probably the smallest it's been this year at the moment, and if I could use another 30 in this challenge, I'd be very happy!

Today the theme is Dots. Something I constantly struggle with! It can be such an easy technique, and I see so many stunning 'dotticures', but I struggle terribly with getting uniform dots, and even my random dots aren't very good. Anyway, here's what I came up with.

The idea for this was supposed to be bubbles, and as I used a champagne gold polish, champagne bubbles. But it just kind of looks like some dots! The gold is an untried, a Color Club I think is called Winter Affair (after much searching online!). It's a mini from a Christmas collection, and it's scented with vanilla, I don't know what else it could be! I've had this untried since last December!

Now check out some people who can do dots!


  1. I really like these, they look grown-up and classy : )

  2. Aww I think you're too harsh on yourself hun it looks great (and my first thought was it looks like bubbles :p). So anyway:
    I've nominated you for the Blog Your Heart Out Award. If you'd like to accept visit my blog at www.katieslostandfound. to see the rules :). x

  3. Ok, I'm no wino or anything, so really, I only drink very little for special occasions, but I swear when I saw the thumbnail I thought: wow champagne nails! I totally need to try this! It's super cool, it gives that 3D effect I love. You're so creative <3

  4. Oh, btw, are you still on the tri-polish challenge? how do you manage both?
    I also want to use a max of untrieds during the challenge and also try a maximum of stamping plates! we had the same idea (i suddenly feel more important, haha).

    1. Great minds think alike!

      It can seem like a lot of work, but I usually dedicate one or two days a month to do all my TPC manicures and I'm planning on prepping my 33DC ones each weekend, so I'll only be a week or so ahead. Here's hoping it works out!


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