Wednesday, 11 September 2013

UK Indie Week - UK Indies All Week! Nelly Polish

Greetings All!

Happy hump day! I hope you're ready for more indie swatches! Today I have 2 polishes from Nelly Polish to share with you.

Nelly Polish is special because it can be sold in dehydrated form, meaning it can be sent overseas, unlike liquid polish. Previously I have used this polish already made up, but this time I wanted to try it out in dried form.

Here is what the polishes looked like when they arrived.

The dehydrated mix contains everything you need - pigments, glitter, suspension base, even a mixing ball and simple instructions. You just add clear polish! Slowly and carefully, of course. Here's what they looked like halfway through (you add half the clear polish, give it a shake then add the rest!)

I found the 'making' really easy to do. There was a bit of vigorous shaking involved, and of course I was worried I would spill it everywhere! A few minutes later and I had polish!

Beeny is a lovely dusty cornflower blue, with deep orange glitter. For these swatches I used 3 coats over Models Own Blueberry Muffin, and topcoat.

This one was a little bit sheer, and the glitter is a little bit sparse, but I love the colour combination. The orange really pops with the cool blue and makes for an eye-catching and fun polish.

Looe is a gorgeous grassy green, with yellow and pink glitter. I've used two coats here over OPI Greenwich Village. The first pictures are without topcoat.

These polishes are supposed to dry to a matte finish, but Looe is the first that's been matte enough for me. I seem to like shiny-shiny, or full on matte, and not so much the satiny finishes in between. I adore the finish of this one though. It almost looks leathery, and the glitter sits flat enough that I wouldn't need topcoat. Here it is anyway though!

Again, the colour combination is fantastic - the soft pink against that juicy green, with those tiny little sparks of yellow. Gotta love those greens! I also love how it's gone from leather to jelly with the swipe of a brush!

You can buy Nelly Polish here either ready made (UK only) or dehydrated (worldwide), either already in a bottle, or in a sachet. It's the closest I've gotten to making polish, and I really enjoyed it!


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