Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Darling Diva Polish Lucky Star

Greetings All!

It's no secret that I love star shaped glitter. I was therefore very fortunate to snag this polish from a nail sale from Facebook. It's previous owner is none other than The Crumpet! It actually has a lot of elements that I love - star shaped glitter, some of which are black, and it glows in the dark. I love glow in the dark things generally, and now I own several polishes that do too!

Although this is in a white base, it's very sheer so I definitely needed a white base. I'm also planning on experimenting with other colours, such as light pink or nude. These swatches are 2 coats over white.

I love this, it's so cute and starry! Although it's quite neon, the pale base mutes it down ever so slightly. I didn't have any trouble finding plenty of stars, which I'm very happy about! And of course I love the blue glow in the dark effect! There was no way my camera was going to let me capture that, I didn't even try! But Wishes of a Blue Eyed Girl has excellent pictures of both it's glow in the dark and black light capabilities!

What's your favourite shape of glitter?


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