Monday, 9 September 2013

UK Indie Week - UK Indies All Week! TarasTalons

Greetings All!

Welcome to the beginning of a special week on the blog! Even semi-regular readers will know I'm a big fan and supporter of UK indie polishes, and recently the British postal service has made it very difficult, if not impossible to receive polish from overseas. That means a lot of polish addicts are going to need that indie fix, and will have to look closer to home. It's a great time to be making polish in the UK, and I'm sure we are going to see some really special things being made in the coming months!

So all this week I will be sharing with you some British indie brands, from the more established, to the brand spanking new!

Today is the turn of TarasTalons, the first UK indie I became aware of back in April. I have around 30 of Tara's polishes - they are all unique, so I can always justify them to myself! She's also very generous with the glitter, and I'm very greedy with it, so it all works out well.

Today I have three polishes from 'The Most Magical Polish on Earth' collection, which are all based on Disney!

First up is Bare Necessities. This is 2 coats.

Now, I must admit that this is not my favourite base. It's really shimmery, with lots of visible brush strokes, and not the sort of polish I would choose to wear at all! But look. At. The. Glitter! A beautiful rainbow of teeny tiny dots of colour - absolutely stunning! I will wear this despite the base - that's how good the glitter is! I'm also seriously considering getting a custom made with this glitter - with maybe a baby blue or lilac base?

Next up is Evil Queen. I believe this is also 2 coats, although it might have been three.

This is such a loud polish, but I love the noise it's making! So much going on in this dark purple base, which holds the glitter so perfectly. There is so much depth here (which is why I think it might be three coats) and that's something I really like in a polish - being able to just stare into it for ages, like some beautiful, magical pool. Tara has really been nailing those jellies lately!

Lastly is A Mouset Have, which I have to admit was a disappointment. On paper, it was so awesome - Mickey Mouse shaped glitter! I was prepared to fish for them, and I knew they would stick up a bit on the nail, like all large glitters, but how bad could it be?

So bad. That little mouse stuck up on my nail like it was an inch thick. I'm gutted! As a fan/obsessive of shaped glitter, I was looking forward to having a mouse on my nail! They are fairly sparse in the base though, so I can avoid them in the future, and just use the polish sans Mickey. You might get away with it if you have quite flat nails, but mine are pretty curvy so large glitter isn't really the most practical thing for me - not that I care!

You can buy TarasTalons polish here (UK only!), and you should also check out her Facebook and website!

I'll be back later with more of Tara's polishes (I have a lot, OK? It's a problem).


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