Thursday, 13 June 2013

China Glaze Summer 2013 Neon Jellies - The Jelly Sandwiches

Greetings All!

So today we move on to the nail art section of this swatchathon - hopefully you can see why I didn't put all of this in one post! You can catch up with the plain swatches HERE, and the swatches over white HERE. I was actually pretty happy with how these looked over white. Yes, it ruins the point of them being jellies a bit, but it really made the colours pop, and they are slightly more unusual shades, plus it's nice to know there are different ways to wear them.

Today is the most exciting, and I think most important part, because how many of us wear jellies plain? I know I always want to stick some glitter between the layers, or more recently, some stamping! If you're a fan of the stampwich, I would suggest hanging around later *hint hint*. But I do also love a jelly sandwich. LOVE.

A bit of housekeeping - these are the same swatches as yesterday, over white, because recycling! I used the same one layer of glitter for each swatch - Innisfree #76 Village of Snowing. This has silver hexes and silver glitter, and I always think of silver as a very neutral glitter, that allows the colour of the polish to cover it nicely. These are all 2 coats over the glitter, unless stated otherwise. If I were wearing this for a couple of days, I probably wouldn't use a white base, and I would probably use multiple layers of glitter, but for the sake of experimentation, this will do! Cue mad scientist laugh - bwa ha ha ha ha!

Are You Jelly? 2 coats over the glitter.

I'm loving the effect here! Pretty lilac glitter, trapped in the purple. Yum! This particular shade might not be the best for multiple layers of glitter, but I think it looks really pretty, and imagine it with different coloured glitter!

Heat Index, 2 coats over the glitter.

Again, really pretty! I'm glad I went for silver over gold or multicoloured, because it's turned a lighter shade of the polish, and it gives a lovely effect. I keep thinking of fizzy drinks!

Isle See You Later. 3 Coats over the glitter (pesky sheerness!)

To be fair, this one would be good, like really good for multiple layers of glitter, if you have the time and patience (it would take so many coats!). Yesterday I said it reminded me of a swimming pool - check this out for a water effect! I can almost hear people splashing about and laughing when I look at these, although three coats has barely even tinted the glitter. Loving and hating this at the same time, hmmm.

Keepin' It Teal, 2 coats over the glitter.

So this is still waaay out in front as my favourite! Another fizzy drink-looking concoction, goodness knows what flavour though lol (and don't say spearmint, because that would be gross!). Imagine it with other colours though - gold, or blue? Gorgeous.

Shell-O, 2 coats over the glitter, but I probably should have stopped at one!

Yeah, I went a little bit too far here, and most of the glitter is hidden. I think a more colourful glitter would look better (I'm thinking pink and gold would look pretty stunning).

You Drive Me Coconuts, 1 coat over the glitter.

More glitter obliteration (oglitteration?), but I said from the first coat that this wasn't a jelly, so I kind of expected this!

They're growing on me a bit, can you tell? I was always going to use them this way, instead of wearing them plain, so yes, I am warming up to them. They (mostly) make a good sandwich, and as I do mostly use neutral  colours for that (mostly nude colours actually!) I'm happy to have a few brighter colours. And now I get to experiment with different glitters! Now, I wonder how they do with stamping *wink wink*

I'm posting jelly stampwiches later. Just in case you didn't get that. Lol!


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    1. Gah me too! They're one of the techniques where I find myself just staring at my nails for ages, like a weirdo lol

  2. OMG!! Keeping it teal just blew me away!! So beautiful!! That combo is perfect!!

    1. It's a really lovely colour, and the one I would recommend most out of the 6!


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