Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tara's Talons Week - UK Indies All Week! Day 7 - I'll Be Your Clown, Rose Petal

Greetings All!

Today is the last day of Tara's Talons week! Boy that went by fast! Technically I could do another week as I keep buying them lol. However I'm having terrible trouble deciding which one to wear first!

Have you caught up on all the other days? If not, shame on you! Lol you can catch up on days 12345 and 6 by clicking on the numbers!

I hope you haven't had enough of UK indies though, because next week I will be showing you some polishes  by another UK indie polish maker! If you can't tell, it is something I like to support!

Have you ever thought about making your own polishes? I don't think I would have the patience for it! I asked Tara if she had any advice for anyone thinking about doing it. Here's what she had to say.

Have fun, don't stress about any negative people/comments that you encounter, make sure you find good suppliers and come and join my 'UK indie nail polish creators' group on Facebook for tips, support, feedback and chat!

So there you go! See, I'm fairly 'stressy' a lot of the time lol, I would probably end up throwing bottles of polish against a wall at some point.

Here's a quick reminder of all Tara's links

Etsy (her Summer sale is still going on - there's no better time to grab a bargain!)
Blog (where you can enter her giveaway to win 9 of her polishes!)
Twitter (well done me, for remembering that Twitter exists!)

Because you are such lovely people, you get two swatches again today!

First is I'll Be Your Clown. I have a real 'thing' for glitter in a pale base - I just love it! Sometimes I'll make my own with a jelly sandwich, but it's always nice to have it all in one bottle - I can be pretty lazy after all! IBYC is a rainbow of glitter in a very pale pink base, just slightly off white. I originally thought it was very similar to Vanilla Yogurt, but it's quite different, fortunately! As with every Tara's Talons polish I've tried, I only needed 2 coats.

Here we have 2 different sizes of hexes, and microglitter, in just about every colour imaginable! Some are even holographic. I love the soft, off-white, pinky tinge this one has, like a soft, fluffy blanket. But with glitter. This one was a real pleasure to wear, and I kept it on for nearly three whole days! That's an eternity in my world lol.

(On a side note, look how long my nails are getting! Super long! They'll need a trim soon, or they'll break. And I'll cry. And people will laugh. And I'll feel stupid)

This pretty is called Rose Petals. It's similar to Red Wine, but a brighter, pillarbox red. Again, 2 coats.

It's the classic red colour, but with sparkle! I've said before that when I wear red polish, I nearly always go for a straight up creme, but I can see me reaching for this one instead because GLITTER. This is another fairly textured polish, so you can wear it two ways!

So, dear reader, the series is over! What's been your favourite? If you live in the UK, I would seriously recommend this brand - I haven't had a bad polish from Tara, and I LOVE it when people comment on my nails, and I tell them I own the only bottle of it. They look so confused!

And remember, she does custom polishes too! So you can tell her what you want, and I have been assured that she will not rest until it is made for you! (OK, that might be a lie. But she really will make a custom polish just for you!)


  1. :O So you're the crafty sneaky person that beat me to buying I'll Be Your Clown! It's okay i forgive you...kind of ;) Can't wait for next week, Tara is the only British Indie i know of :( i need to discover more! if you have a few names i'd really appreciate links :)

    1. Bwa ha ha! Yes that was me! Sorry lol.

  2. I'll Be Your Clown is my favourite of all Tara's polishes you've shown us! And I think your nails look great a bit longer :)

    1. Thank you! If I thought I could maintain my nails at this length, I would! Heck, I'd grow them longer! But they won't last at work. And I don't want to be one of those people who's always terrified of breaking a nail! (Like I'm not already lol)

      I can't decide between IBYC and Chocolates as my favourite - luckily I don't have to lol

  3. I'll be your clown is the best I saw all week! So pretty!!

  4. Love I'll Be Your Clown, it's gorgeous! And I definitely can't wait for next week, loove all the indies! If only I had enough money to make more purchases! :(

    1. Thank you!

      Buying UK indies is more purse friendly, if only for the postage!


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