Friday, 21 June 2013

Tara's Talons Week - UK Indies All Week! Day 5 - Gold Jewellery

Greetings All!

And so we move on to day 5! You can still catch up with days 123 and 4, if you haven't already.

Today we're finding out - how much time does Tara spend on making polish?

LOTS! I really love doing it so I don't mind at all but it does take lots of time because it is such a long process. It takes quite a bit of time to find suppliers and place my orders but even more  time to come up with a collection theme, names and colours, then I have to create the polishes, including the glitter bleed test time! Then I have to bottle, label and photograph them before they're ready to list on Etsy which again takes quite a while and then I have to try and get the word out about my brand and new collections so there are days I don't get to bed and I'm up making polishes and then packing orders about 6am ready to go to the parcel shop but I wouldn't change it for anything! This is the best job I've ever had and the support I've been given from bloggers and polish lovers and the lovely comments I've had make it all worth the hard work! One day I hadn't been to bed and I was SO tired and grumpy and then I got an order from a lovely girl who had ordered before and she sent me a message saying she loved the polishes that she had just ordered and couldn't wait to try them and that she loved the last polish she had ordered from me and it was her favourite out of over 200 polishes she owns! I was NOT grumpy after that! It made me smile all day and I put the screenshot of it on my website :D

Isn't that nice? Still, it sounds like a lot of hard work - I don't think I could do it!

Tara's Summer sale is still going on Etsy, where she has also released her newest (14th!) collection. You have to be quick though - as nearly all her polishes are one of a kind, once they're gone, they're gone!

She also announced today that she is hosting a giveaway on her blog - you can win 9 of her lovely polishes (I own 2 from the collection, which you can view here), plus a coupon for 60% off an order from her shop! How very generous! At this rate she'll be cleaned out!

You can also visit her on her website and Facebook. Oh, and Twitter! I always forget about Twitter lol.

Today's polish is a real gem. It's called Gold Jewellery. While I'm not a fan of gold jewellery itself, regular readers will know that I'm a big fan of gold polishes, so as soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to have it! This is, as always, 2 coats. It needed a generous amount of topcoat, due to all the glitter, but left alone it's very much a textured polish, and reminds me of the Zoya and OPI textured polishes! So I can wear it two ways!

Just look at all that sparkle! Including a generous amount of holo glitter (which my camera is rubbish at picking up!). This is so my kind of polish. Gold, glittery, and beautiful. I've also included a picture of it without topcoat, so you can see the difference.

It's like having 2 polishes for the price of one! And so on-trend (she also has neon glitters too, so in fact she's very trendy lol).

This weekend I'll be bombarding you with swatches - I hope you're ready!


  1. Such a lovely color!! I love it so much!!

    1. Thank you!

      I LOVE gold polish, but weirdly, I don't like anything else gold, and especially not jewellery! I don't own a single piece of gold coloured jewellery lol


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