Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tara's Talons Week - UK Indies All Week! Day 2 - Jewels

Greetings All!

On to day 2 of this whole week dedicated to indie polish maker Tara. You can catch up on yesterday's post HERE. There will be a new post every day this week! UK indies are something I have a lot of support for - we have mainstream brands that are coveted the world over, but until recently we've been lacking a little bit in the indie department. But we have so many talented and creative ladies (and gentlemen...maybe?) who can make their own polishes, that we shouldn't have to ship them in from abroad!

Today we're finding out just how Tara got into making polish. Here's what she had to say:

I've always loved doing nails and anything to do with nails, nail art and nail polish and in 2012 after taking voluntary redundancy from a job I didn't particularly enjoy, I took some time to decide what I really wanted to do. I knew it would be nail related so while I was considering my options I started a nail blog. I decided I wanted to be a nail tech/artist so I started looking into courses. 

While I was doing my research I was spending all day every day practising polishing, applying embellishments and looking after nails. I started making polishes for myself when I couldn't find the shades or types I needed to do certain designs I wanted to do and I couldn't believe how much I loved doing it! It was so much fun I'd stay up until 7am making polishes and not go to bed at all! I decided to start making them to sell and spend ages researching suppliers and all kinds of stuff and had so many ideas in my head it took me ages to decide on my first collection. There was so much to order and practise and get ready that I decided on April the 1st to release them and I've never looked back! It was so much fun and I've had so much support from nail polish lovers and bloggers that I haven't stopped making new collections and after two months I've released 13 collections!

And aren't we glad she did! 

Here are all the links you need to find Tara:

Her Summer sale is still in full swing, with at least 20% off all non-custom polishes (some are nearly 40% off!). So what better excuse to treat yourself to a one of a kind nail polish made in the UK? I'm still a bit in awe of that concept - we're all aware of Limited Edition polishes, but for there to be only one bottle?! Mind. Blown.

Unfortunately that does mean that if you take a liking to any of these swatches, tough! BUT you can check out her Etsy store, and you're sure to find something you need (not like. Need). She even has some rather on-trend neon glitters waiting to be snapped up!

On to today's polish, which is again from her Life's Little Luxuries collection. It's called Jewels, and it's a gorgeous dusty purple, slightly muted and with a strong blue leaning. This is 2 coats with topcoat.

My camera usually thinks purple is blue, but in this case it's pretty much spot on! It has a generous helping of silver, blue and holo glitter (because what isn't made better with some holo sparkle!), and depending on the light, the glitter can be nearly hidden, or very twinkly. I really love the colour of this one, it reminds me of summer, even though it's a slightly muted shade. It's a little bit gritty because of the glitter, but topcoat soon sorts that out.

Bonus! You get some nail art with this one!

Jewellery for the jewels! I stamped with Barry M Silver Foil and BM09, CH29, and a huge Fauxnad plate I've had for a few months. It was really cheap from China, and when I received it, I immediately assumed it would be rubbish. But as my middle and ring fingers demonstrate, it isn't at all! In fact it seems rather good (yay!). And doesn't the silver just look so perfect with the purple? Like, made for each other perfect?

Drop by tomorrow for another one of Tara's polishes!


  1. I love these colors together! So pretty!! I am usually not too fond of glitter in colored bases but these you have been showing are beautiful!

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, they really are lovely. And plenty more to come!

  2. What a gorgeous polish! I love Tara's work and have my own little collection nearing 20 as well! I hope this week you include a piece on her custom polishes...she has made several for me and they are all spot on. I love the fact that she's a UK creator which like you said we are sooo lacking in, and she has such a diverse collection of polishes which just gets bigger and bigger!

    1. I haven't yet ordered any custom polishes from her - I'm having a hell of a time narrowing it down! At the moment I want all the colours with all the glitters lol.

      I'm confident though that once I make a decision, she will deliver!

    2. I can vouche that she will certainly deliver!
      Here are the polishes she's made for me:



    3. sorry :P the second link was intended to be this:

    4. Ooh that first one looks gorgeous! I really must get my thinking cap on lol


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