Monday, 17 June 2013

Tara's Talons Week - UK Indies All Week! Day 1 - Chocolates

Greetings All!

If you're a regular reader, you might know that I'm a big fan of UK indie polish brand Tara's Talons. In fact I have 17 of her polishes, by far my biggest indie collection. You can catch up on some of them HERE and HERE. It's really exciting to have indie polishes made in the UK, because we don't have many at the moment! And it's something I'm very supportive of - why should the rest of the world have all the fun lol. We have amazing mainstream brands, but our indie side has been lacking a bit, although recently several new UK indie brands have been popping up, and I'm sure you'll be seeing some of them here soon!

I've been lucky enough to chat to Tara a bit - she's very sweet, and she is obviously a major polish head! This passion for polish is what led to her creating her own, and all this week I'll be showcasing some of them.  I've also asked Tara some questions, so we can all get a better idea of the woman behind the bottle lol.
I asked Tara to tell us a bit about herself, and this is what she had to say:

Hi! I'm Tara of TarasTalons! I grew up in London and ten years ago when I was 16 I moved to Durham and studied performing arts. I'm now not 16 :( haha! but I still live in Durham with my husband. I do still visit London though to see my older sister! When I'm not making polish or doing nails I can be found chatting on the phone, reading, writing, watching TV or shopping!

Unbelievably, she has released 13 (!) collections since the beginning of AprilThey are; Childhood memories, Magical, Life's little luxuries, High school reunion, Things I love, Have a drink, Random, Favourite songs, Summer, Just because, Be polished, Brights, and Perfectly Polished - Part 1.

Her polishes are all extremely limited edition - the majority are one offs, so you get a truly unique polish that no one else will have! Plus when people comment on it, you can tell them that and watch the confused expression on their face! She also offers custom polishes, where you basically tell her what you want, and she makes it to order! How brilliant is that?! I'm still trying to narrow my choices down from about 200 lol.

Here are all the links you will need to visit Tara!  




Etsy Shop

As if all this wasn't enough, she also has a summer sale on! There is at least 20% off all non-custom polishes, so you can grab a unique, one off bargain made right here in Blighty!

On to today's polish, which is from the Life's Little Luxuries collection. In fact it's my favourite from that collection! It's called Chocolates, for obvious reasons. This is 2 coats, without topcoat.

Er, stunning! This is just a perfect polish - perfectly named, perfect colour and balance of glitter, everything! It's just a smidgen lighter in real life, but still a really rich, deep brown. And how brilliant is that glitter?! It's like nougat or praline or something - delicious!

I had no issues with this polish at all - it glided on smoothly and dried quickly. The glitter placement was effortless, and I just love it! It's fun, yet grown up at the same time, very luxurious, and it couldn't look more like chocolate if it came out in little squares! And it's mine, all mine!

There will be a different Tara's Talons polish every day this week! So stay tuned, and as Tara would say, Get Nailed!


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