Saturday, 8 June 2013

Relaxed 31DC Week 14: Flowers

Greetings All!

Yet another super late post! Still, I'm nearly up to date on my challenge manicures now, and they're the only ones that are time sensitive really. Everything else can wait lol, including all the nails I did while my computer was broken! I had this week off work, so I've had total 'nail freedom'! I even took advantage of the sunny weather to snap some holos! So look out for those soon.

Today though I will be posting 2 challenge manicures, both for the relaxed 31 day (week) challenge, hosted by Rambles of a Polish Addict. The theme for last Friday (May 31st!) was flowers. I like a floral manicure, so I tried various freehand designs, none of which worked very well! Plus it took me ages to choose which colours I wanted to use (to the point that I have now reorganised my Helmer by colour instead of by brand!).

In the end I did my default cop-out nail art technique - stamping! Lol I always turn to stamping when I can't think of anything else. And to save all the colour hassle, I decided to go monochrome!

I used W7 Black and OPI Alpine Snow for the bases, and Konad Black and White for the stamping. The stamp is BM306. I'm a little disappointed that even the Konad White is a little bit grey over black - maybe I wouldn't notice if my other nails weren't white?

I'll be back later with some (sort of) delicate nails!


  1. This is really effective!

    I don't think you'd notice the Konad white shows a bit grey over the black if your other nails weren't white - really I think you've got great coverage with the white over black here.

    1. Thank you!

      I think you're right - I'm probably being a bit pedantic lol


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