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Tara's Talons Week - UK Indies All Week! Day 6 - BBQ Water Fight - BYOB!

Greetings All!

Guess what today is? It's day 6 of Tara's Talons week! Lol, clue was in the title. Here are the links to day 1234 and 5. You can also catch up on my first and second posts about her polishes (from waaay back in, erm, April! It seems like a long time...).

I've been asking Tara a different question for each day of this week. My official reason is so that we can all get to know her better, but really, I'm a nosy bugger! Sorry, I mean I have an inquiring mind! Today we're finding out what indie brands the indie polish maker likes! (how meta is that?!). So, Tara, what indie brands do you like?

This is a difficult question because I can look at indie polishes ALL day! They are all so pretty and I can't believe the talent of these creators! I drop orders off to one of my customers because she lives quite close to me and she shows me her indie polish collection and they are all beautiful, I get mesmerised by the glitters! I honestly can't say that any indie brand is better than another in terms of their hard work and the pretties they create but I will say that I recently found an indie in New York called 'Starrily' and she had some BEAUTIES!

(You can check out Starrily polishes on Etsy here). They really are so pretty! 
Unfortunately I have been bitten by the indie 'bug', I resisted for quite a while but yeah, I'm infected now lol. There are so many fabulous brands, but the shipping is very, very expensive, sometimes more expensive than the polishes (Starrily, that Tara mentioned, charges £10 for shipping, and many other brands aren't much cheaper EDIT Starrily have now reduced their postage to £7.99 for international postage!). I'm not having a go at the polish makers at all - I'm sure they don't make money from postage, it's just an unfortunate situation that we're all stuck in, with indie polishes having to be an indulgent treat, instead of the daily sustenance they should be!

That's another reason to buy UK polishes - the postage is much cheaper, and much quicker too!

Link time!
Tara's Etsy shop - with her sale still on, plus grab bags, and pick and mix bags for big savings, her indie polishes have never been cheaper!
Her blog, where you can enter her giveaway to win 9 bottles of polish, and a discount coupon! Plus you can check out her nail art! She paints on false nails, which I love. It means you can keep your favourite designs, and rewear them!
Her website has all the useful links you will need!
If you're all media-sociable, you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter, for all kinds of updates on her polishes!

Today was originally going to be another polish from the Life's Little Luxuries collection, but recently I've been wearing some of Tara's newer polishes (with another 5 arriving in the post today!!), so I'm going to show you two of those instead! These are both from her Summer collection, and as we had Midsummer's day here yesterday, and apparently it is meant to be Summer (ha!), they fit right in!

First up is BBQ BYOB. As always, 2 coats plus topcoat.

So the naming of this one is pretty obvious - it looks exactly like a sticky bbq glaze! Hovering in between brown and red, with loads of holo added for good measure. This polish isn't quite as opaque as some - you can still see the glitter peeking out under the second coat! As usual, I love it! Even the teeny tiny holo bars, as they are very well behaved and stay in the polish, and don't stick out everywhere. Plus, what's more Summery than a bbq? I work in a bakery, and I can confirm that at the slightest hint of sunshine, people go ape for hot dog rolls and burger buns.

Water Fight is another very aptly named polish. Bright sky blue, with a generous splash of blue and silver glitter. 2 coats, surprisingly! I've never needed a third with Tara's polishes!

My favourite shade of blue! And so laden with 'watery' glitter - blue, silver, holographic, it is so evocative of water! In the last (closeup) picture especially, you can also see how much depth it has. Pretty good for just two coats!

Tomorrow is the last day of this series (boo!), but you will still be seeing plenty of Tara's polishes on the blog, because I can't stop buying them! BUT there is good stuff tomorrow, I promise!


  1. I know what you mean about the shipping on polishes from the US - up until last year it used to be very reasonable but then they put the charges up SO much :(

    Problem is, now it's hard to resist buying half a dozen at a time, just to justify the shipping, lol!

    1. Haha that's exactly what I do! Then I keep calculating how much it costs per polish, and that's where all my money goes lol


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