Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sun-Tried-Day: Etude House Glitters

Greetings All!

Super late post today - it's Father's Day, so we had a family meal.

I also thought I had pictures edited and ready to post, but not the ones I wanted! And it's too late in the evening to be editing pictures lol. I did find these in a folder though. I can't believe I haven't shared these already - I can never wait to post my latest Korean pretties! But somehow these slipped through. They're from April! I feel a bit bad that they've been sitting in a folder for 2 months, the poor lovelies. Still, better late than never!

PBK803, aka Coco Black, is yet another black and white glitter mix, something I have a bit of a problem with - I must own at least half a dozen black and white glitters, all slightly different. This one has some very pale pink glitter in the mix, a mix containing hexes, bars, squares and small glitter. This is 2ish coats over one of my blue Sally Hansens - I forget which one, because I have three or four that are very similar. It's definitely SH though!

I don't dislike bar glitter as much as I used to - basically we get on fine, so long as it isn't sticking out all over my nails! This is a really cool glitter - the pink lends it a slightly feminine touch, and I love how chaotic and messy it looks. I love black and white glitter because it's really...un-glittery, if that makes sense. It isn't colouful and sparkly, plus it goes with pretty much any colour! I kind of wish the pink was matte too, but we can't have everything, can we!

PPK007, aka Dot Dance, is a really cute and unusual pastel glitter mix. It has purple, gold, bronze and turquoise hexes and small glitter. This is 2ish coats over W7 Black.

It's a very 'Spring' glitter, perfect at the time, but maybe a little late now lol. I'm not sure why I chose black as a base - this would look so good over a pastel colour. It's so cute though, like all the Etude House polishes I've seen. Their glitter mixes are so much more creative than a lot of the polishes available here, and seemingly effortlessly so.

PPP502, apparently named Halloween Day (?) is a mix of purple and blue glitter, with pink hexes. I prefer the chunkier, sparser glitters, but this is still nice. This is 2ish coats over Collection 2000 Dynasty.

I think I chose the wrong base again - these combinations always look amazing in my head, but a bit flat and 'meh' on the nail. I'll be honest and say this isn't my favourite glitter, I'd like the hexes in a different colour (imagine if they were black!), or even without the hexes. The purple and blue are very nice together though. I might try it over some different colours - sometimes these things grow on me!

As always, I get my Korean polishes from THIS seller on eBay, and I've never had any issues with the service. My polishes always arrive quickly (never more than about 12 days), well packaged, as described, and cheap! Especially if you factor in the free shipping, as the price of international shipping often puts me off buying polishes (it can be so expensive!).


  1. Oh my goodness!!1 I need the black, white and pink glitter in my life!!! Uggg...I am so freaking obsessed right now!! I have Lush Lacquer's Pink Panther but the pink glitter in it is matte so I need this one too. I finally found Hard Candy Black Tie Optional, I finally got Lush Lacquer's Salt n Peppa and I won Connect the Dots. I still need more. I need one with some red in it and maybe a green or blue as well. Do you know of any like that??

    1. Wow quite the collection! I ended up with loads because I can't really afford all the indies lol. I would much prefer Pink Panther to this one though!

      I WISH I knew of a b&w glitter with red in it! I have b&w glitter in blue and green bases, but not with green and blue glitter. I might have to franken something up ha ha.

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  3. These are cute! I got the first two a long time ago but didn't swatch them yet. So pretty!

    1. I don't think I've had a glitter from them that I haven't liked! They have a wonderful range.


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