Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Llama Nails Nerd Challenge - Inspired By Maths

Greetings All!

I recently joined a Facebook group, Llama Nails. They run some pretty awesome challenges! I missed out on the Time Period Challenge (it's OK, I was mainly interested in the earlier time periods!) and I discovered they are currently doing a Nerd Nail Art Challenge. I guess I'm kind of a nerd - I'm not into Harry Potter, or Doctor Who, but I can be pretty nerdy about some stuff.

These challenges will be posted on Fridays, which means Double Challenge Friday is back! Which I'm pretty happy about. These nails should have been for last week, and I did prep them for Friday, but stuff has kind of been getting on top of me recently. Hopefully I can get back on track for this week!

So, the theme for last week was Inspired By Maths. At school, I used to really enjoy maths! Out in the real world, I don't get to use it much, although I do sometimes annoy people with my mental arithmetic, while they are faffing with the calculators on their phones!

My nails are inspired by prime numbers, which are my favourite kind of numbers (see, kind of nerdy lol).

For the base I used...not W7 Black! This time, Barry M Black, which is also good, but does need 2 coats, which is annoying (First World problems!). I then drew some prime numbers with W7 White, and made it matte with Asda Matte topcoat. I wanted it to look like a chalkboard, after seeing this chalkboard kit by Ciate. At school we used whiteboards, but I didn't think that would be as recognisable lol.

Hopefully (fingers crossed!) there will be a new nerdy manicure on Friday!


  1. Cute!! We didn't use blackboards either but this is super cute!!

    1. Thank you!

      Lol I haven't even seen a real blackboard in...ages!

  2. We used a mix of white and black boards, but I do think that blackboard nails are better than whiteboard nails would be. :)

    1. Lol yes a whiteboard would be much less recognisable!


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