Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tara's Talons Week - UK Indies All Week! Day 4 - Log Fire

Greetings All!

So if you haven't worked it out yet, this week I'm sharing with you some awesome UK indies from Tara's Talons. You can catch up with days 12 and 3, if you missed them!

Today, I've asked Tara why there are so fewer UK indie polish makers than in other countries (USA being the big one!). Here's what she had to say:

I think it's because it is SO hard to get the supplies here. Most UK suppliers will only sell in huge quantities so if you can't buy them in those quantities you have to import them from other countries in smaller quantities which usually doesn't cost much less! I really hope that supplies will become more readily available in the UK and that UK indies will become more common like they are in America!

So, suppliers, pull your fingers out! Don't you know we're just as polish addicted over here?!

On to the polish! Another one from the Life's Little Luxuries collection (the others being Childhood memories, Magical, High school reunion, Things I love, Have a drink, Random, Favourite songs, Summer, Just because, Be polished, Brights. and Perfectly Polishes - Part 1, with Part 2 being released tomorrow!). It's called Log Fire. This is 2 coats with topcoat. I don't think I've needed more than 2 coats with any of her polishes!

I like this one because it's too orange to be yellow, and too yellow to be orange! It's just about exactly between the two! Unfortunately some of the glitter gets hidden by the rather opaque base, so it's quite a subtle sparkle, but I'll forgive it because I don't own a colour like this!

Bonus! Nail Art!

Of course it had to be fire! OPI The Thrill of Brazil, and DRK-B. Can you believe it's all from one stamp?! Gotta love a wide stamp!

All non-custom polishes are at least 20% off in Tara's Summer sale! Check out her Etsy shop HERE. You can also check out her FacebookWebsite and Blog, where she does all kinds of nail art!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!

      I should do more flamey nails - I've had this stamping plate months, and this is the first time I've used the flame stamp. And it's awesome!

  2. Stamping looks great!

    1. Thank you!

      It's a pretty brilliant stamp - I love that it's so wide, so you don't get the exact same design on each nail.

  3. 'Starrily, that Tara mentioned, charges £10 for shipping'
    They have reduced UK shipping to £7.99 and each polish on the website is now reduced in price to £1 cheaper. I thought you might be interested in this fact...this has only happened today and i will be sure to let Tara know as well! (obv i spend forever researching this stuff due the nature of my blog!)I hope this has helped...i'm more likely to buy from Starrily now and have my eye on 4 gorgeous polishes:Unicorn Landia, Unicorn Chronicles,Paintball and Diamond Dusted. Some pretty bright ones are Candy Shop, Twister and Oh My Melons. I would also buy Candy Shop and Oh My Melons but i have my eye on some gorgeous neon glitter toppers from the new Lush Lacquer collection ( who are now shipping internationally again). Let me know if you need any links! ( i replied to your email yesterday btw Cazzy with some brands in the UK you may not have heard of)

    1. Yes, thank you. I got your email. I have my eye on several come payday!

      Don't tell me this! Like I need any more temptation lol. Starrily polishes are gorgeous - I LOVE Candy Shop, and Cosmos Dark Matter. Thank you for letting me know - I think I might have to try a couple, for the sake of polish science lol


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