Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tara's Talons Week - UK Indies All Week! Day 3 - (Red) Red Wine

Greetings All!

Today is day 3 of Tara'a Talons week, where I bring to you all kinds of lovelies hand made by the very talented Tara! You can catch up on day 1 HERE and day 2 HERE.

Tara even tempted me into buying more polishes today! She has a new feature where you can pick 5 polishes for £20. That's £4 per polish, the same as a Barry M Gelly! Now, no offence Barry M, your polishes are lovely, but what would you rather have? The same polish as everyone is wearing, or a unique, one of a kind indie polish made right here in the UK?! That's a stupid question, by the way.

I asked Tara how she goes about getting the inspiration for her collections. It's something I've often wondered - how do people go about creating a collection, choosing the theme, the names, the colours. Here's what Tara had to say:

I have a book where I write down Ideas for collections such as 'Childhood memories' 'Favourite songs' and then I'll write down the names of the songs and then the colours. I also work the other way and write down colours then think of a collection theme then the names, sometimes names come to me and I work from the names to the colours to the collection theme. To be honest my head is a mess of colours, names and themes and I write them down in whatever order they come to me in and then organise a collection from that! 

Wow, that sounds like a headache! I could never do that - firstly, I'd be terrible at naming polishes. Plus I don't think I'd ever be able to organise them into a coherent collection! But then my organisational skills are just terrible.

Here are all the links you need to enter Tara's world!

Her Summer sale is still on (at least 20% off all non-custom polishes), and as well as the pick and mix option, you can also get a package of 5 random polishes for just £15! Like a wonderful polish lucky dip! I like that - I like the surprise element of it. So much more exciting when you open them up!

On to today's polish! This polish is called Red Wine, because it is the colour of red wine! I like to think of it as Red Red Wine though, because I love that song! This is 2 coats, with topcoat.

Oh, look at that, another winner! Lol I love the slightly darker take on the classic red of this polish, and the glitter is just so pretty - it looks a bit like flakies! It has a lot of depth too - it nearly looks like a jelly sandwich, instead of just 2 coats of polish. Because of all the glitter it was a little gritty, but as you can see, topcoat smoothed it out perfectly. It's rich and decadent, like wine maybe? (I don't drink wine, so I don't know!). And look at that last picture! All the colours in there - red, pink, gold, gorgeous. You can really tell that Tara is creating something here, instead of just dropping glitter into a red polish.

I was going to include some nail art (I have stamps of wine bottles and everything!) but in the end, I couldn't bear to cover it up!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another pretty!
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  1. Nice! It reminds me of Essie Ruby Slippers :D

    1. Ah yes, I can see what you mean! Maybe somewhere between Ruby Slippers and Leading Lady.

  2. I'm also tempted by the lucky dip and pick n mix bags! Your nails are so immaculate! I'm actually in a state of mourning for mine at the moment, after a heavy night out i managed to chip or break all of them so have had to file them down. It only took me 2 months to grow them D:

    1. Thank you!

      My nails are forever breaking! In fact I'm due a break on my right hand (my 'blogging' hand)any day now. I'm always in a constant cycle of growing them out!

    2. I'm the same, i've bought some nail envy in the hopes it will sort them out!

    3. Nail Envy is brilliant - without it my nails would be so soft! I've even got my mum using it. My nails are pretty strong at the moment, but they still break from time to time. Mostly at work!

  3. Ooh this is pretty!! I really must try a polish from Tara xx

    1. You should! I haven't been disappointed with any of them!


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