Saturday, 29 June 2013

Relaxed 31DC Week 18 - Half Moons

Greetings All!

Wow, time just keeps going on, doesn't it! 18 weeks into this challenge - yikes! And it's a day late. I've been meaning to buy hole reinforcers for...months, and I finally bothered yesterday. I've done a couple of half moons using stamps before (a cool use for those french tip ones we all hate!), but I wanted to do a 'real' half moon (read: I tried to stamp, but they all came out wonky!)

I thought this would be a very easy technique - it looks easy. It's basically just a variant on a french manicure. Well, I always sucked at doing those, and I suck at doing this too!

Firstly, these pictures are a bit dull and dingy, and I don't know why! I didn't do anything differently.

Secondly, I sucked at this technique! You might notice the lines are a bit 'scruffy'. That's because I had to paint over all the bits that bled. I could try and blame the little reinforcers, but it's probably my fault. Maybe I should have read a tutorial first, but I'm arrogant, and I thought I could just do it.

I do like the colours though - Barry M Bright Purple, and Revlon Minted (which isn't as washed out in real life. It's a really pretty pale mint green). I had originally planned to do some stamping on the green accent nails - can you imagine?! See, arrogant!

The group is becoming quite small, but please take a second to check out some better half moon nails!


  1. This is very very pretty!! I love this color combo! I suck at doing these. I always mess up with the reinforcers. I have to put something around where the two meet (glitter or glequins) because mine always bleed. I was told the for sale type stickers work much better but I haven't tried yet.

    1. Thank you!

      Good to know it isn't just me! Everyone seems to go on about how easy it is! Good tip though - next time I'll try putting glitter on to cover up the bleeding!

  2. Such a beautiful color combo!!

    1. Thank you! I think it's the one thing I got right lol


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