Monday, 29 July 2013

Glitzology Pixie Dust and Rhinestone Jumpsuit

Greetings All!

I'm still persevering with 'indie month' (only three days to go lol) and today I'm showing you two polishes from the first indie brand I ever bought! Glitzology had a 50% off sale when the world was supposed to end last December (lol!), so I bought some. Seven months later and I am truly hooked on indie polishes. I do have a particular soft spot for this brand though, as it popped my indie cherry!

I bought these two in a blog sale. Glitzology polishes can be a little hard to find - the Etsy shop has been closed since March, as Stacy injured her back, so really the only way to get them at the moment is from blog sales etc. Fingers crossed she gets well soon - Diet Cokehead is my biggest lemming lol

First up is Pixie Dust, which (to me) is a bit like Fairy Dust on steroids. This is 1 coat over W7 Mauve Suede, as it seemed to be the perfect matching shade.

Matte lilac hexes, turquoise iridescent squares, holo sparkle and lots of purple microglitter. Massive amounts of glitter. You could probably build it to full coverage in two coats. It's powerful, yet delicate. It reminds me of butterfly wings, but it is super sparkly! I chose well with the base colour I think - it looks the same on my nails as it does in the bottle! Next time I think I'll put it over black *drools*.

Next is Rhinestone Jumpsuit. I layered this over Barry M BLE 2012 A, again because it was the perfect shade to match. This is 1 coat (1 coat! SO much glitter in these polishes!)

I'm not quite sure what to think of this one! It's very, very jewel-like - it reminds me a lot of those jewel encrusted brooches you get, often in the shape of animals, like leopard or parrots. Again, you could get full coverage with this fairly easily, but I found that putting it over a glittery gold matches the gold glitter in the polish, and stops it from getting too thick and lumpy. I still haven't quite decided if I like this or not - it's very over the top, almost gaudy. Pimp nails, maybe? However there is a saying among us naily people, about nails being jewels, not tools. These certainly look like jewels!

Application with both of these was OK. My experience of Glitzology is that they're a little on the thick side, they don't spread as perfectly as you might like, and they can be quite lumpy (topcoat is a must!). However I don't mind a little extra work if the polish is pretty enough. These are pretty, and so full of glitter it almost defies physics! Seriously, there is more glitter in a bottle of Glitzology than you could actually fit in the bottle, somehow.

I will definitely be scouring the blog sales for more of these! And I hope Stacy gets better soon because she does beautiful work!


  1. So pretty!! I love both polishes!! I think someone has an indie bug. LOL!

    1. Nooo. Not at all! OK maybe a little bit lol

  2. These look great. I picked up 6pk of minis from her last Winter: All or Nothing, Blue Lagoon, Cotton Candy, Cruella, Diet Cokehead, and Pixie Dust. My favorites of the bunch are All or Nothing, Blue Lagoon, and Pixie Dust. I really love your swatches of Rhinestone Jumpsuit. I don't remember if she had that one up when I shopped for mine, but it's definitely going on my list now. Oh, and Glitzology was my first indie polish! :) Actually, I found your site because I was looking for her store and it was missing! So I googled for her store being closed and found this post. That totally explains it - I hope she recovers from her back injury soon!

    1. Me too! She does wonderful work. Until then I continue to be on the look out for them in blog sales and on nail polish sale pages!


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