Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tough As Nails - Spacing Out

Greetings All!

This is just about it for indie month - I guess I'll have to buy more! I got this polish in a blog sale grab bag - you pay a fixed fee, and you get a random assortment of polishes. Again, the whole 'lucky dip' element appealed to me!

Spacing Out is a black jelly filled with all kinds of blueish and holographic glitter. This is one coat over Asda Gel Pro in Jet Black. Normally I would use it on it's own, but it's only a mini bottle so I'm rationing it a bit!

Unfortunately my camera could not cope at all with this polish, for whatever reason. I'm left with pictures that  (to me) kind of look more like a painting than a photograph! I like the effect though - imagine a painting of your nails! I kind of want one now, although that would be pretty weird on the wall.

Either way, there's nothing for me to dislike about this polish - it's got black, it's got glitter, it's got holographic goodness...lovely!

You can buy Tough As Nails Lacquer here

Tomorrow, things get a little different round here!


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