Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sun-Tried-Day - Darling Diva Polish Swatchathon

Greetings All!

If you are a weird stalker type, you might remember I swatched my first Darling Diva polish a couple of months ago. I was very impressed with this polish, so of course I wandered over to Etsy to look at more! After drowning in choices, I noticed a little deal - 5 for 25, that is to say 5 polishes for $25 (plus shipping). You don't get to choose which polishes you want - you get a random selection. Personally I love this, because you get that wonderful moment when you open each one, not knowing what is in there. It's like Christmas! They are also polishes that are no longer sold, so you might get something quite hard to find! Either way, I am in!

I've bought two of these 'deals' so far. From ordering to arrival took less than a week (very impressive!), and I was very, very happy with the quick service, the secure packaging, and of course the polish!

So for today's SunTriedDay, I'm showing you a few swatches (only some - I haven't even tried them all on yet!).

This beauty is called Caramel Martini, and this is three coats, with topcoat.

Maybe it's a bit strange to wear such an Autumnal polish in a July heatwave, but I don't care! This is beautiful, a perfect Autumn blend of colour sitting in a soft white base. It actually makes me yearn for those cold, grey days!

This is Tiny Bubbles, one coat over Sally Hansen Model Behaviour, with topcoat.

This is in a very very sheer blue base, far too sheer to wear alone, but tinted enough so that you kin of need to wear it over blue. It's definitely very pretty, but it isn't quite me.

Pendragon (which my mum likes because she is obsessed with Merlin), 2 coats over OPI San Tan-tonio, with topcoat.

Obviously this would look great over something in the green/brown/gold arena, but I was worried I would lose one of the colours so I went for a neutral. Next time I will be brave, and rock it over a green! I love the selection of green glitters. Another couple of coats and I would have dragon scale nails!

Lastly, but by no means leastly, may I introduce you to Caliente. This chica is muy piquante! Shown here is two coats, over W7 Black.

So, what we have here is big old red hexes, smaller red and pink glitter, some holographic, and a pink to gold duochrome sparkle, all in a clear base. Oh, and it glows in the dark. So why have I layered it over black? Because I didn't know it glows in the dark! I was wearing it, and I had this perfect moment of turning the light off, and noticing that my nails were glowing! Which was just...perfect. I've been desperate for a 'good' glow in the dark polish (not the Halloween ones from Poundland!), and now I own one! Ah, happy happy happy.

I guess you could say I am now officially a fan of Darling Diva Polish! Not only are they stunning polishes, but the application was very good, especially for such glitter heavy polishes. No fishing, minimum dabbing, fast drying - it almost seems to good to be true!

I would definitely recommend this little deal. I know some people might want to know what they are getting, or want a specific polish, but I love the 'lucky dip' element, it's a lot cheaper, and it's brilliant if you are like me and you want to get to know a brand better!

Now head on over to Etsy before I buy everything!

Ooops - too late!


  1. OMG these polishes are insane... can I borrow them? :D

  2. Carmel martini is absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Wow really good selection, love them all!

    1. Lol if only I could take the credit for choosing them


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