Thursday, 11 July 2013

Jindie Nails Bruised Ego

Greetings All!

My my, things are getting awfully indie round here! The third indie post in a row - Jindie Nails Bruised Ego. This is my first Jindie polish, again from the sale section of Llarowe. I can't resist a bargain, and I loved the colour combination of this one! It has black, white, blue and purple small matte glitter in a clear base. I layered it over Asda Witchcraft for these pictures.

My liking for black and white glitter has been well documented, and I loved the addition of blue in this one - it's a brilliant shade of bright blue. The hint of violet also adds depth to it, and overall it's a very smart, intricate little glitter. I'm sure it would look great with lots of colours, but I thought grey would still let the colours 'pop' while still showing off the black and white. I'm really happy with the combination!

You can buy Jindie Nails from their website, and you can also buy them at  LlaroweNinja Polish or Mei Mei's Signatures (I did the research this time lol). It's apparently being discontinued, so if you like it, I'd try to bag one while you can!

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