Wednesday, 31 July 2013

UK Indies - TarasTalons Goes Teeny!

*These products were provided for an honest review*

Greetings All!

Here's some fun news - TarasTalons now does miniature polishes! The same as the full size - one off, glittery little potions, but half the normal size! At 5ml they are a great way to test out the brand, or if you are a bit more responsible with your money than me lol. They cost £3.50 for non-custom polishes (£5.50 for those!) and you can get all kinds of savings by buying multiple bottles. They will be offered as individual bottles, but there are also collections! For the same price as a full sized bottle (£6.50) you get two polishes!

Because I am so awesome, I was fortunate enough to be sent two very special bottles of polish to help introduce the miniatures.

Before we launch into this...I cut my nails. Yes, my beautiful, long (for me!) talons are no more! Although I loved them dearly (it's the first time they've been so consistently long), I was living in constant fear of one breaking, and I was becoming one of those people who is always scared to break a nail. That's not really me, so I took the plunge and chopped them off! They're growing back quickly though - like, really quickly.

Anyhoo, now that bombshell has been dropped, say hello to some personalised polish!

This is one coat of Special girl polish, named after a rather fabulous blog I believe...exciting much?! This is incredibly textured, so much so that it was a little difficult getting it on the nail! I think it's more glitter than polish, which did make application a bit tricky. Worth it in the end though - this is what I wanted the OPI Liquid Sands to be like (but we don't talk about them). I like the combination of red and gold, and there's plenty of holo sparkle in there too. What there isn't is any black - I must have caught something on my middle finger, that I honestly didn't notice!

Prefer your polish smooth and shiny?

Bam! 2 coats of SV later. It really brings out the sparkle, although personally I prefer it without topcoat. It isn't quite this orange in real life *shakes fist at camera*, but it is quite a brick red colour.

Mini #2 is named after an incredibly talented individual, whose fresh and flawless approach to nail art has taken the world by storm. Hahahahaha no. It's named after me!

I'm Cazzy's Polish - yes you are! *Picture me grinning like an idiot* my name is on a bottle of polish! Take that, Zoya! This is 1 coat over Special girl polish. It was actually quite difficult to get a sparse covering - this baby was desperate to go full coverage! I'll be honest, I would have preferred a clear base to this slightly pearlescent one, but the glitter payoff is brilliant, and I was saying to myself only the other day that I needed more gold glitter toppers! I must also try it as a full coverage polish, which it so clearly wants to be lol.

You can buy Tara's polishes here, in full size and miniature, along with all kinds of nail art bits - striping tape, spikes, flowers, bows, all sorts! There will be more on that story at a later date!


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