Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sun-Tried-Day: Seche Colors - Not Easily Swept Away and Takes Chances

Greetings All!

There hasn't been a Sun-Tried-Day in a couple of weeks, but I've brought it back! Last month I was in Sally's browsing, and the Seche Colors were 3 for 2. I hadn't tried them before, but I had been aware of them, and I was curious. So I bought three. And I'm showing you two today, plus some nail art!

Not Easily Swept Away is a very pale lilac colour, with lots of grey. This is 2 coats, although it could have almost been one.

I guess I was kind of expecting this to be like SV, but with colour. It dries fairly fast, but it definitely needs a topcoat - it was kind of dull without one. I do like the colour though, and it gave pretty good coverage.

Takes Chances is quite similar, but a darker shade. This was also 2 coats.

My camera always shows purple as blue. In real life this was slightly more purple, but it definitely has a lot of blue. It's a lovely shade, and I don't have anything quite the same. I can imagine myself using this quite often as a base for nail art - there are lots of colours that would look good stamped over this, for example!

And now a bit of nail art. A gradient using these two, then stamped with Barry M Gelly in Plum, and GA33.

I've been using one of the squishy XL stampers recently. It is AMAZING and really helps to cover the whole nail (which I constantly struggle with lol). I just bought a cheap one from China - I was really put off at first, because it's all squidgy and kind of slimy and gross, but it does really help to stretch the image out. It also stamps very crisply. It's my new favourite stamper!


  1. Beautiful colors! I love the gradient and stamping <3

    1. Thank you!

      I'm pretty happy with it tee hee

  2. I totally understand what you mean about the squishy and slimyness of the XL stamper. I still haven't used mine because it kind of creeps me out a bit. I have nubs but I just wanted to try it out. I will use it one day. My stamper end always comes out. Do you have this problem?? How do you deal with it if you do??

    1. Ha ha it's gross isn't it?! It is a much better stamper though (in my opinion!) it gives really crisp lines.

      My stamper end does fall out quite a bit, but it doesn't seem to while I'm actually stamping - it's mostly when I'm cleaning it! I just stick it back in.


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