Saturday, 27 July 2013

Lush Lacquer - Black Friday

Greetings All!

OK, so now I'm just deliberately posting indie polishes lol. I've been making the effort to try them on while my nails are a bit longer, because I feel like it's a better canvas to show them off! Plus, of all the untried polishes, an indie polish looks the most sad!

This is the first Lush Lacquer I've tried (I do own another one, but it's an untried since January!), I've seen it around and admired it, so when I had the chance to buy it, I did! Black Friday is a black jelly with loads of colourful glitter in. For these swatches, I decided to wear it a couple of ways.

This is 3 coats with no undies

It was a bit thick and lumpy, but I wanted to see how it looked all by itself. I LOVE the jelly quality of the black, and it gives a pretty good depth of glitter. It was just a bit unmanageable!

Next I tried 2 coats over W7 Black.

This gives a much better finish, but you do lose the lovely jellyness.

And finally, matte!

I'm a little bit torn here - I much prefer it without undies, but it is so thick and lumpy, it looks like I've put on false nails made of plasticine! Over black, it just doesn't have the same wow factor. Maybe I could try layering it over something like gold or silver? We'll see! Apart from that, it's beautiful!

You can buy Lush Lacquer from Etsy.


  1. Ahh its stunning with the matte topcoat :)

  2. I love how the glitter is still clear as day in the dark base! And it looks fantastic matte!

    1. I know! Even with three coats you could see all the glitter underneath. And nearly everything looks good matte lol

  3. OOOOhhh!! My favorite is the matte!! Love it!!

    1. I think it really makes the glitter pop!

  4. Replies
    1. Tee hee - I was the same! It would have made my lemming list, if I didn't own it lol


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