Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Le Big Party

Greetings All!

Yes, two indie brands in one day! Because I have now definitely been bitten by the indie bug! Two picture heavy posts too.

This little pretty was in my favourites on Etsy for a while, so when I found it in the sale section of Llarowe, I knew I had to have it!

Le Big Party is a rainbow of small, matte glitters. You can build it on it's own, or layer it over a base colour. I tried both!

This is 3 coats alone, with a thick topcoat.

Mmm... rainbows. This needs a really generous topcoat, and as you can imagine, is a nightmare to remove. It's worth it though. Completely worth it. It's such a beautiful effect!

Here's a quick pic without topcoat.

It's still nice, but topcoat really brings out the colours.

I also tried one coat over W7 Black.

It looks like some sort of supercharged holographic effect! Layering it over a dark colour really makes the rainbow pop.

I then added a matte topcoat, because why not?

This gives a completely different effect, more like tiny bits of mosaic tile.

I love this glitter! It's very versatile, and a rainbow in a bottle. Plus it was on sale!

You can buy Nail Pattern Boldness on their Etsy shop, or at Llarowe (possibly other places too, my research methods are lazy lol)

Do you ever get put off wearing glitter? Personally I would wear glitter polish all day every day, despite the removal!


  1. In reply to your question: YES, I do put off wearing some of my awesome indie glitters *hangs head in shame* because I just dread the removal, even though I use the foil technique. I really need to try using Elmer's or some sort of PVA glue under the base coat. This is SUCH a fun glitter though! It's like rainbow Floam! THAT would've been a good name for it!! :-D
    I love how you've showed it several different ways...that's an idea I may need to work into my blog on some posts. :-) I also love Nail Pattern Boldness just for the name! lol I'm a sucker for punny things. ;-) I bought Hello Sweetie just because I needed a bottle that said Nail Pattern Boldness in my stash. hehe!

    1. Whoops! Guess I should read things a tad more carefully! Just realized you said "Do you ever GET put off wearing glitter! :-P Oh well! Sorta the same difference anyways. ;-)

    2. Lol ye it's the same thing really.

      I've tried the pva base, but I didn't really like it. I always think the removal is worth it, apart from super fine shimmery glitter that makes your fingers glittery!

      And yes, it is like rainbow Floam!


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