Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hare Polish - The Last Queen of France Spring 2013

Greetings All!

Today I have swatches of two polishes from Hare's Spring collection. I know these have been everywhere already, but they are my first Hare Polishes, so please bear with me as I point at them proudly lol.

I got both of these from the Sale section at Llarowe. I don't often buy polish from them, but I do check out the sale section now and again because I love a bargain!

This is 2 coats of Own Your Opulence over Revlon Mischievous.

I hesitated a bit over this one, but I liked the black and gold together, so I gave it a try! I'm glad I did - I love the pastels next to the black and gold - it's like it's soft and harsh at the same time, and it reminds me of seashells. I chose to wear it over a neutral brown, but I think it would look great over lots of colours!

This is 2 coats of What I Wore To The Revolution over OPI San Tan-Tonio.

It's not quite black and red glitter, but it's close enough for me to love it! Again I chose a neutral to layer it over, but next time I'll definitely go for something more colourful, like blue or purple. The silver sparkle really ties it all together too. These are all colours that I wear often on my nails, so I can see me wearing this quite a bit!

I know that people rave over Hare polishes, and now I can see why. They are really well put together polishes, with well thought out colour combinations that look great!

Which indie polish do you rave over?


  1. I love both these combinations!

    Hare used to be a favourite of mine; I really love my older ones like Archipelago and Bisbee, but none of her newer shades appeal to me enough to make me want to buy them, sadly. Too many newer indies competing for my attention, lol!

    1. Thank you!

      I think we are spoiled for choice with indies lately - that's why I'm only just getting round to trying Hare lol.

  2. Really cute!! I am going to have to try this Indie prand because everyone is always raving about it! I love that last glitter over that nude/brown base. So pretty!

    1. Thank you!

      They're both really versatile glitters, and I can totally see why people rave over them!


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