Friday, 19 July 2013

Llama Nails Nerd Challenge - Inspired By Technology


Greetings All!

Double Challenge Friday means a second challenge post! This time it's the Nerd Challenge, run by Llama Nails. The prompt this week is technology.

I'm not a very technological person (she says, typing on a laptop onto her blog). I don't have a smart phone, or a tablet, or even a television! I use what I need, and I don't pay much attention to the rest! Still, I gave it a go (prepare for many weeks of this challenge where I 'give it a go' lol).

I started with Barry M Black Multi Glitter, which I have been neglecting lately but is fabulous. I then added a thin coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Le Big Party. I was going for a holographic looking, cybery type effect. Then I stamped with Barry M Silver Foil and GA13, GA43, and plates 4, 7 and 10 from the new Cheeky Jumbo plates. Hopefully it's fairly obvious what everything is at least meant to be! I love that the computer is a bit rubbish - how fitting!


  1. So stinking cute!! I love that base color!!

    1. Thank you!

      I used to use Black Multi Glitter all the time instead of black!


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