Friday, 18 October 2013

Chirality Gacy Charms

Greetings All!

This isn't technically a Halloween polish, but it is from the Cereal Killer Collection, which is close enough! And it's one of my favourite polishes, if not my very favourite, and I finally managed to get myself a full sized bottle. It combines so many things I love, it's almost like it was made for me! Let's see...pale crelly base, different coloured glitter, shaped glitter, foolproof application, and a deliciously dark name! This is 2 coats over white.

I love it I love it I love it so much! It's pretty much my perfect polish. Amanda received mixed reviews for the names of these polishes, which personally I think is a little bit ridiculous. If they aren't your cup of tea then fine, but clearly they are meant to be taken as humourous, and the cereal element fits with the milky base really well!

I just love all the colours and shapes going on - in many ways I'm like a small child really! Amanda was also really lovely - I ordered my first parcel just before the whole international postage crisis took hold, and my first parcel went missing! Although she says on her site that lost parcels are not her responsibility (and they aren't, of course!), she still sent me a second parcel (I also got the mc chris for the win! mini collection), which was incredibly nice and generous of her. Thank goodness this one arrived safely!

You can buy Chirality polishes from Etsy and Big Cartel. Amanda does beautiful work, and also has a wide range of styles. If it weren't for the postage hassles, her Halloween collection would definitely be mine!


  1. This looks brilliant - I love the milky base and all the different shapes - I especially love how your little finger has come out with the two stars and a moon :-)

    1. I like that finger too! And every nail comes out different, which I love!

  2. That is beautiful! The colours, the shapes - all gorgeous :)


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