Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Liquid Sky Lacquer Boo!

Greetings All!

This evening I'm showing you the last of my Liquid Sky Lacquers (there are other Halloween ones, but I limited myself to 'only' four). This one is called Boo and it glows in the dark. Spoiler alert - I didn't get any pictures of it glowing, but it glows purple and is amazing. It is in a very sheer base, so after initially trying to build it solo, I went for a base of Butter London Billy No Mates, and 2 coats of Boo.

I really love how vivid the orange is against the black, white and grey. I also love that it glows in the dark (yes, I am a child lol).

I bought this polish from Rainbow Connection, in an opening weekend frenzy! You can buy them here


  1. I love this! The colours are fab, and OMG it glows in the dark?! beyond cool. I also love how your nails always look super-shiny <3

    1. I wish I could get a picture of it glowing!

      My 'shiny' nails are a combination of SV topcoat, and the light I use to take my pictures reflecting off them lol


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