Tuesday, 1 October 2013

It has begun...

Greetings All!

Welcome to October!! My favourite month of the year - my birthday, Halloween, I've got 2 weeks off work starting on the 18th...it's a good month!

Because of my love for Halloween, you are going to be seeing a lot of spooky swatches, and monstrous manicures! I thought I'd start the month with one of each!

I have quite the little collection of Halloween stamps, and I haven't had the opportunity to use many! This is from BM305, stamped with Barry M Gold Foil.

I also have a swatch for you! TarasTalons had a huge collection of Halloween polishes, and many of them now live with me! This one is called Scary Story. I'm wearing 2 coats over black.

Tara really excelled herself with these polishes - there are so many styles, and finishes, all kinds of glitter (including pumpkins and skulls!), it's a really varied and creative collection. You'll be seeing plenty more throughout the month!


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